§ 408.110. General definitions and use of terms.

(a) Terms relating to the Act and regulations. (1) The Act means the Social Security Act as amended (42 U.S.C. Chap.7).

(2) Title means the title of the Act.

(3) Section or §  means a section of the regulations in part 408 of this chapter unless the context indicates otherwise.

(b) Commissioner; Appeals Council; Administrative Law Judge defined. (1) Commissioner means the Commissioner of Social Security.

(2) Appeals Council means the Appeals Council of the Office of Hearings and Appeals of the Social Security Administration or a member or members of the Council designated by the Chairman.

(3) Administrative Law Judge means an Administrative Law Judge in the Office of Hearings and Appeals in the Social Security Administration.

(c) Miscellaneous—(1) A calendar month. The period including all of 24 hours of each day of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, or December.

(2) Federal benefit rate (FBR). The amount of the cash benefit payable under title XVI for the month to an eligible individual who has no income. The FBR does not include any State supplementary payment that is paid by the Commissioner pursuant to an agreement with a State under section 1616(a) of the Act or section 212(b) of Public Law 93-66.

(3) Qualified individual. An individual who meets all the requirements for qualification for SVB in § 408.202 and does not meet any of the conditions that prevent qualification in § 408.204.

(4) Special veterans benefits (SVB). The benefits payable to certain veterans of World War II under title VIII of the Act.

(5) State. Unless otherwise indicated, this means:

(i) A State of the United States

(ii) The District of Columbia; or

(iii) The Northern Mariana Islands.

(6) Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is the national program for providing a minimum level of income to aged, blind, and disabled individuals under title XVI of the Act.

(7) United States. When used in the geographical sense, this is:

(i) The 50 States;

(ii) The District of Columbia; and

(iii) The Northern Mariana Islands.

(8) We, us or our means the Social Security Administration (SSA).

(9) World War II. The period beginning September 16, 1940 and ending on July 24, 1947.

(10) You or your means, as appropriate, the person who applies for benefits, the person for whom an application is filed, or the person who is considering applying for benefits.