Withdrawal of Application

§ 408.355. Can you withdraw your application?

(a) Request for withdrawal filed before a determination is made. You may withdraw your application for SVB before we make a determination on it if—

(1) You, or a person who may sign an application for you under § 408.315, file a written request for withdrawal at a place described in § 408.325; and

(2) You are alive at the time the request is filed.

(b) Request for withdrawal filed after a determination is made. An application may be withdrawn after we make a determination on it if you repay all benefits already paid based on the application being withdrawn or we are satisfied that the benefits will be repaid.

(c) Effect of withdrawal. If we approve your request to withdraw your application, we consider that the application was never filed. If we disapprove your request for withdrawal, we treat your application as though you did not file a request for withdrawal.