§ 408.814. Can you request termination of your SVB entitlement?

You, your legal guardian, or your representative payee, may voluntarily terminate your SVB entitlement by filing a written request for termination. If your representative payee requests termination, it must be shown that no hardship would result to you if the request is processed. When a termination request is filed, your SVB entitlement ends effective with the month following the month you file your request with us unless you specify some other month. However, we will not terminate your entitlement for any month for which payment has been or will be made unless you repay (or there is an assurance you will repay) any amounts paid for those months. When we process a voluntary request for termination of your SVB entitlement, we will send you a notice of our determination in accordance with § 408.1005. Once terminated, your entitlement can be reestablished only if you file a new application, except as provided by § 408.1009.