§ 408.1003. Which administrative actions are initial determinations?

Initial determinations regarding SVB include, but are not limited to, determinations about—

(a) Whether you qualify for SVB;

(b) Whether you are entitled to receive SVB payments on the basis of your residence outside the United States;

(c) The amount of your SVB payments;

(d) Suspension or reduction of your SVB payments;

(e) Termination of your SVB entitlement;

(f) Whether an overpayment of benefits must be repaid to us;

(g) Whether payments will be made, on your behalf, to a representative payee, unless you are legally incompetent;

(h) Who will act as your payee if we determine that representative payment will be made;

(i) A claim for benefits under § 408.351 based on alleged misinformation; and

(j) Our calculation of the amount of change in your federally administered State recognition payment amount (i.e., a reduction, suspension, or termination) which results from a mass change as defined in § 408.1001.

[69 FR 25955, May 10, 2004; 69 FR 45586, July 30, 2004]