Appeals Council Review

§ 408.1050. When can you request Appeals Council review of an ALJ hearing decision or dismissal of a hearing request?

(a) General rules. For purposes of this part, we use the same rules on Appeals Council review that we use in the title XVI program (see §§ 416.1467-416.1482 of this chapter), except as noted in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Exceptions. (1) In § 416.1468(b), the words “one of our offices” in the third sentence are deemed to read “any of the offices listed in § 408.1009(b).”

(2) In § 416.1469(d), the last sentence does not apply under this part.

(3) In § 416.1471, paragraph (b) does not apply under this part.

(4) In § 416.1482, the reference to “§ 416.1411” in the last sentence is deemed to read “§ 408.1011.”