Reopening and Revising Determinations and Decisions

§ 408.1070. When will we reopen a final determination?

(a) General rules. For purposes of this part, we use the same rules on reopening and revising determinations and decisions that we use in the title XVI program (see §§ 416.1487-416.1494 of this chapter), except as noted in paragraph (b) of this section.

(b) Exceptions. (1) In addition to the rule stated in § 416.1488, a determination, revised determination, or revised decision may be reopened at any time if it was fully or partially unfavorable to you, but only to correct—

(i) A clerical error; or

(ii) An error that appears on the face of the evidence that we considered when we made the determination or decision.

(2) In § 416.1492(b), the parenthetical clause is deemed to read “(see § 408.820),” and paragraph (d) does not apply to this part.

(3) In § 416.1494, the words “one of our offices” in the first sentence are deemed to read “any of the offices listed in § 408.1009(b).”

[69 FR 25955, May 10, 2004, as amended at 75 FR 44138, July 28, 2010]