Direct Payment to Eligible Non-Attorney Representatives

Requirements for Direct Payment to Non-Attorney Representatives

The Social Security Disability Applicants' Access to Professional Representation Act of 2010, Public Law No. 111-142 permanently extends fee withholding to all eligible non-attorney representatives. Section 206 (e) of the Social Security Act (Act) Social Security Act §206 [42 U.S.C.406] (e) sets forth prerequisites that non-attorney representatives must satisfy in order to receive direct payment of fees. Non-attorney representatives must possess a bachelor's degree or equivalent qualifications, pass a written examination administered by the Social Security Administration, secure professional liability insurance or equivalent, undergo a criminal background check, and complete continuing education courses.

Current Status

We selected CPS HR Consulting as the contractor to administer the examination and to ensure non-attorney representatives meet and maintain the requirements for direct fee payment.

EDPNA Examination

The annual application period is February 1 to February 28. These dates may change subject to location and resource availability, so be sure to check for updates. The application form is available on the CPS HR Consulting's Website during the application period only. For detailed information about the examination, including the location, please visit CPS HR Consulting’s Website.

Requirements for Current EDPNAs

For detailed information about ongoing requirements for current EDPNAs (i.e., Continuing Education courses), please go to CPS HR Consulting’s Website.

How do I update my personal information?

You must update your name change, address, phone number or payment information through the SSA-1699 process by submitting a completed Form SSA-1699. You should continue to notify your local field office of any phone or address changes, so we can update your information in our systems. Be aware that submitting the form SSA-1669 is only part of the process.  You must also submit your updated contact information or name changes directly to CPS HR Consulting.

If you have already registered for direct payment and your registration information has not changed, you do not need to submit a new or updated Form SSA-1699.