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Never Beneficiaries, Aged 60–89, 2015

Released: March 2015
Next expected update: 2021
  • About 3% of the total population aged 60–89 never receive Social Security benefits.
  • Late arriving immigrants and infrequent workers:
    – comprise over 80% of never beneficiaries, and
    – have the highest poverty rates among never beneficiaries.
Population Characteristics
Percentage with characteristic
Pie chart series linked to data in table format.
Breakdown of Never Beneficiaries
Percentage in group
Pie chart. Four slices. 44.3%, infrequent workers: individuals who have insufficient earnings to qualify for Social Security, but are not late-arriving immigrants. 37.3%, late-arriving immigrants: immigrants who arrive at age 50 or later and have insufficient earnings to quality for Social Security. 11.4%, non-covered workers: individuals with sufficient earnings, but who work in non-covered employment (primarily state and local government employees). 6.9%, die before receiving Social Security benefits, although projected to be eligible.
Poverty Rates for Never Beneficiaries
Percentage in poverty
Bar chart. Four bars. 77.2%, infrequent workers. 66.3%, late-arriving immigrants. 15.8%, non-covered workers. 17.5%, individuals who die before receiving benefits.
SOURCE: Modeling Income in the Near Term, Version 7 (MINT7) microsimulation model using 2012 Trustees Report intermediate assumptions.